Mindfulness in Schools: Learning from the Inside Out.

Here’s a question for you: if you knew how to help children regulate their emotions, succeed in school, build strong and compassionate relationships, and feel happy and at peace, would you teach them?

We suspect the answer is yes. Still, you’re probably also thinking, “How am I supposed to do all that on top of everything else?” That’s where we come in.

Teaching Mindfulness in Schools

We’re Inner Explorer, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and teaching mindfulness is our passion and our business. Why? Well, research shows that teaching mindfulness practices to children results in all of the outcomes we mentioned above in addition to many health and wellness related benefits that go beyond the classroom.

Through Inner Explorer programs, children are guided to their highest potential using mindfulness based social and emotional learning practices. Beginning with the basics, like paying attention to their breathing and other physical sensations, we help kids understand who and what they are, which relates directly to what and how they learn. We show them that being mindful doesn’t apply just to grownups, but to them, especially to them, and that they can use it to improve their performance in school, their ability to relate to others, and their self esteem.