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It's as easy as One, Two, Three

Step 1: Access the Clever Portal

To begin, visit the Clever website at This is your entry point to your school's online portal, managed through Clever.

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Step 2: Search for 'Inner Explorer'

Inside the Clever portal, you can locate 'Inner Explorer' among the educational resources offered by your district. Make use of the search function within the portal and type 'Inner Explorer' into the search bar. This action will display the Inner Explorer Single Sign-On app. Teachers in districts integrated with us via Clever will have access to this app. Just click on the app to access the Inner Explorer platform.

Step 3: Just Press Play

The final step is easy and enjoyable. All you need to do is press "Play" to start your daily mindfulness practice with Inner Explorer. Enjoy your journey to mindfulness and well-being!

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