Inner Explorer strives to improve all inequities- social, economic, and educational.

Inner Explorer Statement and Pledges

Inner Explorer stands with communities of color for racial justice. The recent spotlight on police brutality and continued killing of innocents such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbary further expose the centuries-long pain, oppression, and injustice against the Black community. The suffering is constant, excruciating, and enduring. We are committed to supporting racial equity and justice so that all children can live in a world where their future is determined by their potential, not by the color of their skin.

We believe that mindfulness creates a safe space for children to cultivate emotional intelligence, recognize deeply entrenched narratives to interpret the world, cultivate compassion for other people, learn to cope with difficult emotions, and become more intentional about their actions and words. Practicing mindfulness can foster dialogues about power, privilege, and oppression that are relational, reflective, and empathetic experiences.

The core of our mission has always been to provide children and families the tools to establish mindfulness as a routine behavior. Children are uniquely suited to benefit from mindfulness – conscientious habits formed early in life can inform behaviors in adulthood.

We, as adults, have an opportunity to foster in our children the ability to be kind and inclusive. Mindfulness is helping us become aware of our biases and that in turn will make us aware enough to fight inequity and injustice. It is more important than ever to enable our young leaders to build the foundation of what our country needs more of: awareness, empathy, and openness.

Inner Explorer strives to improve all inequities- social, economic, and educational.

Inner Explorer Pledge

We will accelerate our efforts to:

  • Support schools where communities of color will have access to our program and resources
  • Promote success stories of children/families/teachers of color
  • Expand our group of diverse narrators, program developers and researchers
  • Seek diversity for our staff and Board of Directors
  • Educate ourselves to support equity and justice everywhere so that we can become a mindful accepting community