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loved it! 5.0

Would prefer chimes to signal end of quiet 5.0

Favorite lesson so far! 5.0

good 5.0

it was realaxing 5.0

calm, relaxed, focused, ready to learn 5.0

good breathing in and out start with heart 5.0

It is calming. Mind was clear 5.0

made us feel calm. 5.0

Refreshed and relaxed. 5.0

we love feeling loved! 5.0

Just relaxing 5.0

We were relaxed and calm during the activity. 5.0

It made Dominic feel calm and happy. 5.0

Great work! 5.0

good for the children to listen 5.0

Awesome 5.0

understood for children and I like it too. 5.0

Good job! 5.0

okay 5.0

Practice was good and listen to this. 5.0

it was very good! 5.0

super relaxed 5.0

Liked visualizing anger as a small person. 5.0

Success with though- slow motion 5.0

Great! 5.0

relax 5.0

Good with com- to quit 5.0

Calming, Relaxed, Smooth 5.0

We like thinking calm thoughts. :D 5.0

Relaxing counting breaths sitting up 5.0

We love Inner Explorer! Thank you! 5.0

Weird to think of those times. 5.0

I feel good because I liked this. 5.0

I Feel Really Good 5.0

We all felt better and more relaxed 5.0

we loved the feeling the sounds gave us. 5.0

It was relaxing to be quiet! 5.0

Calm, quiet 5.0

I feel safe and calm. 5.0

happy thoughts to you!!! 5.0

Awesome 5.0

I am really good thank you 5.0

Thumbs up! Looks like my God Mom! 5.0

Great!!! 5.0

best yet 5.0

Kids did not respond well to mindfulness today. 5.0

Awesome 5.0

loved thoughts-slow motion was good with children 5.0

We LOVE the scans! Bring us more please. 5.0

Great! 5.0

i feel sleepy 5.0

Great! 5.0

fine 5.0

They like that it was peaceful. 5.0

this was good for emotions with children. 5.0

good and relax make the sleep to be clam 5.0

okay for the day. 5.0