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Very peaceful! 5.0

great way to start out tuesday 5.0

So relaxing! Nap time! I loved it! 5.0

very relaxing 5.0

Relaxed 5.0

Happy 5.0

Tired 5.0

It was great. 5.0

It was really relaxing. It was comfortable. 5.0

great job 5.0

We did a wonderful job and Parker made us laugh! 5.0

We are relaxing. 5.0

mindful minute 5.0

It made us thankful for people in our life. 5.0

pretty good 5.0

Calming and centering. 5.0

Very good!!!! 5.0

great way to start our week 5.0

:) 5.0

They stayed quiet. Were answering the questions. 5.0

Thumbs up! 5.0

great way to start our morning. 5.0

Excellent 5.0

It was good. 5.0

It was helpful. 5.0

Loved the rumi reading 5.0

Wonderful! 5.0

Thank you for the music! Love Swan Lake! 5.0


We love Ms. Moses! 5.0

I enjoy being reminded to be grateful!!!!!!!!! 5.0

Relaxed!!! 5.0

It was relaxing and fun. I loved it. 5.0

We felt happy and glad. 5.0

good 5.0

Glad and calm 5.0

We liked it. 5.0

wonderful, thank you! 5.0

great way to start our firday 5.0

Practice was slow to download 5.0

good body scan practice 5.0

feel great 5.0

Extremely helpful 5.0

It was really relaxing and good. 5.0

I sprayed air freshener..he he...it went over well 5.0

It helps us to feel for people we don't know. 5.0

student-"it was relaxing. " 5.0

distractions and hearing 5.0

its very calming 5.0

This was so relaxing - the kids loved it!!!! 5.0

great! 5.0

The students discussed being thankful. 5.0

It was relaxing. It was super duper fun. 5.0

It was nice. It's good to be thankful. 5.0

Relaxed 5.0

Great 5.0

"It helped me be calm." 5.0

I liked it when we did the belly breathing. 5.0

Very informative! 5.0

relaxin 5.0

My student did great on their first time! 5.0

This was a great way to start off wednesday. 5.0

Relaxed, calm, alive, trusted 5.0

Good Calm relaxed rested nice 5.0

My eyes feel still. I feel more relaxed. 5.0

We loved belly breathing! 5.0

Smells 5.0


felt ready to start our new week of school 5.0

we are recovering from two bad days 5.0

It is one of my favorite ones...thanx 5.0