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loved this one! 5.0

students were all engaged! 5.0

It was very calming and relaxing. 5.0

"Even my lungs felt calm"- student 5.0

a lot of fidgety kids after lunch 5.0

Very relaxing and mellow. 5.0

it made me focus and clear my thoughts 5.0

good concentration 5.0

They were so into it today!! Yeah!! 5.0

We feel calm now! 5.0

Loved the eyes open part! 5.0

Thank you. 5.0

Students were quiet and cooperative. 5.0

relaxed 5.0

The practice is jelling!! 5.0

We love Jake!! 5.0

This was very engaging I like the chimes 5.0

Excellent mindfulness practice today!!! 5.0

So Relaxing. Thank you. 5.0

Great session. Students enjoyed it a lot. 5.0

Great start 5.0