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made us feel good 5.0

Calm, relaxing, focused 5.0

great 5.0

this lesson was very good and relaxing. 5.0

We feel calm. 5.0

good listening 5.0

the best! 5.0

We like thinking of things we are grateful for. 5.0

I feel good. 5.0

CHILDREN ENJOY, very much 5.0

freash with the children 5.0

great 5.0

It good one to listening with bird song 5.0

The mindful minute was okay for day 5.0

Students said they felt calm and loose. 5.0

"It made Kitana feel proud." 5.0

senses - hearing 5.0

We liked sending good wishes. 5.0

anchoring 5.0

dizzy relaxed motivated glad 5.0

Clan 5.0

The hand touching was very soothing and relaxing! 5.0

I feel nice and calm and it makes me be healthful. 5.0

relaxed 5.0

great listening 5.0

I like this Comfortably quiet done for 3 minute. 5.0


good listening 5.0

I feel comfortable. 5.0

We feel good!!!!!!! 5.0

Awesome! Peaceful! 5.0

It made me feel happy! 5.0

very relaxed 5.0

very good 5.0

What do you see? 5.0

Interesting to learn about the sixth sense. 5.0

This was our best session yet! 5.0

It makes me feel calm and safe. 5.0

Bring me good thoughts! 5.0

Dominic said it made him feel happy! 5.0

Julian said it made him happy! 5.0

Very nice! 5.0

Very calming at a time when we need to be calm. 5.0

I feel calm. 5.0

this help improve in classroom, which is good. 5.0

great 5.0

touch and feel 5.0

Feel good here 5.0

It made Cash feel happy! 5.0

relay and feel good 5.0

Happy, Comfortable, Hungry, Hot Dogs 5.0

good listening 5.0

Love helps you feel happy! 5.0

Help keep clam and teaching children to feel relax 5.0

great 5.0

Loved the body scan! 5.0

This one was awesome! 5.0