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Bad 1

Student had trouble engaging. 1

5 mins of quiet actually 1

wo 1

Sounds like he's talking to third grade students. 1

I hated that 1

good and beter 1

Idk 1

This is running too slow and will not load. 1

Jk 1

pointless for 3-5year olds 1

but my sister was not listening at all. 1

uncomfortable 1

dodo cheeks 1

I don't like the guy's voice. :) :( 1

Incomplete. Whereâ??s the ending prompt and music. 1

you suck 1

Barely audible. 1

The same 1

I'm still sick from yesterday 1

Too slow 1

Much better speaker. 1

Confused 1

Annoyed 1

wow 1

please play the song twice! 1

We were too distracted today 1

bad 1

Meh 1

Needs to be more active for the kids. 1

Too Long and the kids did not like this one 1

Just not in the mood for jusme today 1

not all the children were able to be engaged today 1

students not engaging 1

it was boring 1

Uncomfortable 1

id,k b0ysssssss 1

Not paying attention and follow along. 1

good 1

Bad 1

ok 1

Voice was too slow. 1

Very hard for special need students to focus 1

It feels pointless 1

We prefer JUSTME 1

good 1

My students didn't like his voice 1

Where was the meditation ? 1

horrible 1

The voice I can't deal with this 1

t 1

Sad. The class interrupted the whole session 1

They were all bored. 1

did not like 1

i felt relaxed and bored 1

bad 1

Students talking and not listening at all. 1

fuck 1

Most kids did not participate. 1

this sucks 1

mad 1

Sgay 1

S 1

My song I © it :( 1

not enough time, talked too fast 1

Interesting 1

Lots of people were very restless today. 1

Last day of school. Very apathetic. sorry. 1

fuking black girl 1

Slightly Annoyed 1

Closing your eyes is boring. It makes you sleepy. 1

Hard for them to follow the directions. 1

Bad 1

very low participation 1

. 1

Relaxed. Calm and cool and ready to focus.Calm 1

bad 1

I don't find this sound relaxing at all. 1

boooo 1

out of breathe and sleepy which isn't good!!!!! 1

too many off task 1

oen 1

ijok jij jjkmm mk 1

poop 1

her voice/tone is annoying 1

I finished happy now!? 1

her voice/tone is annoying 1

Tati sais it 1 Star 1

bad 1

and still having issues with the grammar. 1

not that food 1


Some people were being rude. 1

jk 1


I feel bored after this. 1

Everything feels the same. 1

I felt like poo 1

we like Laura better 1

Kids had a hard time focusing 1

couldnt get to the right session 1

its very bad i hate it 1

It's annoying. 1

I hate this 1

terrible 1

good 1

I think it is the end of the school year blue's. 1

Fuck you all ur cookies are in poo 1

app is not working to move on to #2 1

One student participated. 1

This sound is a bit strange. 1

more students participated today than before 1

Kids didn't know if it was over or it had frozen. 1

Still a concerto. 1

should have stayed home sick today 1

totally inattentive today; don't know why ! 1

i diint hear a thing 1

7th grade said it was boring. 1

Please shorten these; 1

sad 1

Students were distracted and not engaged. 1

Boiring 1

not good 1

Not helpful 1

Horribly Mad 1

meh 1

bad 1

It was too hard for us to follow along. 1

The students did not enjoy this session 1

I could not hear the music. It was to low. 1

I hate you 1

not as relaxing as the breathing practices 1

We restarted the day several times 1

i dont like it 1

Mariseli really likes sour apples. 1

One student participated. 1

one student was particpating this time 1

daily racks do not play. transition tracks do. 1

the baby is creepy af 1

had to do this twice. 1

disrupted by students. 1

strange sounds 1

annoying 1

tired 1

A little hard to understand the narrator today 1

you suck i want better next time 1

too much talking and not enough time to practice. 1

Good 1

hi there ana 1

My student felt like he "wanted to sleep." 1

It wasn't fun 1

we did not do a very good job on this one! 1

played the same one in a row. 1

Happy. 1

Way to childish for 12th grade 1

No students participated 1

One student participated. 1

bad 1

bad 1

It is boring and made me sleepy. 1

It made very tense. 1

1 of 3 students participated 1

ok 1

Sleepy. This music puts me to sleep. 1

Students were not engaged 1

The counting was dragging! Students did not like. 1

special needs students were EVERYwhere 2

monday's are difficult. Especially during summer. 2

gut instinct is like rethinking. 2

Didn't care for the voice 2

first time 2

gud 2

absolutely hate this one 2

good 2

too much talking 2

Calm 2

Students were not engaged. 2

Too cool for school actions today. 2

Good 2

Didn't make me more relaxed 2

It was hard to hear all of the sounds. 2

Kids were not as engaged as they normally are. 2

I liked the message, but the volume kept changing. 2

too short! 2

Eh, like always 2

not relaxing today 2

Participation is low after a weekend away. 2

My students were very fidgety today. 2

great 2

Student was unengaged. 2

OK 2

We need to practice how we stretch our necks 2

This was very difficult for my pre-k class. 2

good 2

Students age range 12-16 2

It was hard to concentrate 2

The quietness is very foreign for these students 2


Great 2

Students had difficulty focusing. 2

loud and not concetrating. 2

Great 2

some of the children were engaged. 2

kids really were distracted today. 2

Student's had a hard time keep focus today. 2

Class wiggled way too much. 2

Students still new to concept. 2

Class was too restless with this activity. 2

It helps a little bit 2

so wiggly! 2

Little harder concept for 3rd graders 2

it keeps skipping 2

the class got noisy and practice felt scattered. 2

Better Em 2

Too long 2

Most students were off task and couldn't focus 2

It was good to do, but it was also boring. 2

made me sleepy again 2

need more practice, not all students committed 2

ghhh 2

was too long to sit quietly for 7 and 8 year olds. 2

I hate belly breathing! 2

It was boring. It wasn't comfortable. 2

Students like doing shark fin. 2

Still a work in progress 2

Distracted, and laughing 2

25% engaged 2

bad 2

Fuck 2 2

Talking playing during session. 2

students too focused on their projects 2

it was kind of weird at first 2

too much talking 2

Very long. 2

a few fell asleep 2

voice 2

tired 2

Too many wiggly chairs today! 2

lots of giggling 2

I felt great about exercising my nose 2

this one did not feel right to many students 2

J 2

no good to the follow the instruction 2

Most of class did not engage on the exercise. 2

Too much talk, and voice was not soothing. 2

We were having a rough day 2

Ok 2

Too much talking, too many pauses 2

Too many with heads down, sleeping. 2

I like the lady better than when the child talks. 2

need speakers 2

My arms were getting tired. 2

Too somber. 2

Hard for students to focus 2

Opened Eyes, talking, giggling 2

The voice was bothersome to them. 2

too long 2

Students cannot relax themselves! 2

Students were having a hard time staying engaged. 2

students were talking, will not close their eyes. 2

SDxSzz 2

Some did not want to close their eyes. 2

felt like shushing didn't like touching face 2

not all students are fully committed 2

class average 2.3 stars 2

Some kept their eyes open. 2

i did not close my eyes. 2

ok 2

students did not like the voice of the speaker 2

sitting criss cross was distracting 2

Talking, giggling, 2

Too much talking 2

good 2

First day back after spring break. 2

great 2

hard for them 2

our class was not very focused today 2

Very very good , 2

4 students were actively involved and were engaged 2

A few students were quiet and breathing. 2

2 of the three refuse to engage 2

We are working on our focus. 2

A lot of trouble focusing today. 2

ok 2

Thanks 2

There were too many tasks, too many suggestions. 2

good 2

Relaxed, upset, boring, sleepy, calm, 2

???????????????????????????? 2

Some people was particapating. 2

Students are restless and don't concentrate. 2

ok 2

not too engaged today. 2

8/18 students shut their eyes. 2

great 2

I feel ??? 2

ok 2

Normal 2

Taking too long to load! 2

some kids disturbed the class today. 2

4/6 students talking 2

ok 2

lots of moving, some talking, coughing 2

We had a few interuptions 2

"I felt like it was kind of good." - Albert 2

some were distracted by outside influences 2

Reader's accent got in the way for students. 2

can't focus too distracted too angry 2

The body scan is difficult for me. 2

good 2

ok 2

The song at the end was not a recognizable sound 2

Sea seanour 2

calm and good 2

good 2

My kids were really rammy today with this session. 2

the program kept skipping 2

Students had trouble focusing on this 2

some students used playdough some journaled 2

It was a long time for some of us to keep quiet 2

I had several students off task this morning. 2

Students not engaged with this one. 2

lots of distractions today 2

Made my right shoulder hurt 2

Class distracted. 2

children llike the so ng at the end 2

Did not like the moving around 2

class average 1.6 stars 2

Not sure that Jake was a good addition. 2

ok 2

We were trying to be too silly and lacked focus. 2

The audio was difficult to hear. 2

Vivaldi's "autumn is a Concerto, not a Symphony. 2

this was a ruff one 2

your lessons don't reflect the title 2

very few students engaged/ 2

Relaxed 2

Not bad 2

unsure 2

weird 2

Not sure what to think. It felt like hypnosis. 2

ok 2

ok 3

students were not focused today. Talking 3

ok 3

ok 3

Buffering time is too long... 3

Students have difficulty settling into practice 3

Had many students wiggled around quite a bit. 3

Did not like the song 3

sped kids running around the room. ;( 3

ok 3

Some children did not get concentration today. 3

talking and humming during the session. 3

ok 3

relaxing 3

ok 3

ok 3

Stomach hurts 3

kids lost focus half way through 3

taking time to journal- mostly postive 3

Ok cool 3

same as yesterday. 3

Students were too restless. 3

kids did not like it only a little bit 3

quwurirjrjeh 3

Several students off task. 3

Pauses are to long for my class. 3

Great way to start my school day! 3

good 3

There was talking. So I did not hear it. 3

it was like wait whaaat! 3

one student disruptive 3

good man 3

Working and listening. 3

bejtter whole group on the carpet 3

its summer, so they are kinda squirly 3

it took too long to load 3

They really enjoyed the exercise today. 3

More talking 3

Students looking around. Not focused . 3

the same... resistance 3

Good one! 3

Your breathing pace is way to fast for us. 3

sleepy 3

Some students thought today's lesson was funny. 3

There was some laughter during belly breathing 3

cut off in the middle 3

i guess it felt ok 3

Crazy afternoon. Used to help calm them down. 3

It was ok 3

More stressed 3

just learning! 3

Students prefer the child's voice not the adult 3

dislike brought up discussion 3

The student is becoming more engaged! 3

6 students needed supervision and coaching 3

Students struggled 3

We were all very relaxed today. 3

First try...students not engaged 3

The children had a difficulty relaxing today 3

Volume was lower than usual. 3

The class got restless during the last 30 seconds. 3

Okay. 3

Kids distracted 3

The sound was very low 3

Too much talking for this one 3

Tired and normal 3

Your site freezes so often. 3

I don`t feel very different. 3

Some people were talking and being silly. 3

Some students did not focus today. 3

feel the same. (my office loud) 3

Some of us had our eyes closed and breathing. 3

It was fine. 3

Some distractions from other staff in the room. 3

Some chidren were wanting to move! 3

they enjoyed the song ! 3

2 students did not participate. :( 3

Journaling not appropriate for Pre-K age students 3

tired 3

Too much normal breathing, want more deep breaths 3

a few restless students 3

Please put the inner explorer song back in. 3

Still getting use to the program. 3

Some students participated. 3

Our thoughts were scattered. 3

Its new, they are not too hot about it!!! 3

It helped the class al lot. 3

It went great! 3

Getting better. More focused. 3

half the students were actively participating 3

good 3

Kinda tired afterward. More rested. 3

A few students had trouble maintaining focus. 3

several children were engaged 3

tried 3

Many students had eyes open, made noise 3

students were resistant and said it was boring 3

tired 3

students were resistant and said it was boring 3

good 3

Many students thought t it was funny 3

good 3

I felt about the same 3

Still; cant not be dquiet ! 3

Not many children have attended parades... 3

we had a birthday that interrupted today 3

More talking from students than usual 3

children were quiet, Most were engaged. 3

relaxing 3

voice doesnt seem native. 3

Really relaxing and soothing. 3

Great 3

Some students liked the shark fin but not all 3

I think it will take a little getting use to. 3

hard time sitting still 3

I don't care for the writing part. 3

students did not like the snake image 3

some children were distracted 3

This one was ok. 3

Some of us were whispering 3

Students were very distracted today. 3

A few still refuse to follow along. 3

Some were still and listening. Some were coloring. 3

Half the class did not join in 3

Posture helped with our breathing 3

Feels super weird but I think I will get use to it 3

Out of 21 students, about 1/2 participated. 3

A little strange, but we did it. :) 3

almost all participated 3

some children had trouble concentrating 3

Many students not participating . 3

The train was sound was not relaxing. 3

They were a little distracted today. 3

Better attention, still distracted 3

good inner explorer 3

Hard for the littles to sit still for that long! 3

Normal ð??ºð??ºð??ºð??¸ð??¸ð??¸ð??ºð??ºð??º 3

didnt like the voice 3

thanks 3

Thanks for the practice. 3

first time, getting used to it 3

Handel's Water Music is not a symphony! 3

ok 3

We had mixed feelings about this one. It was ok. 3

glitch at around the 7 minute mark 3

ok 3

It was ok. 3

feeling the heartbeat was nice 3

It was a lot of talking, rather than practice 3

Students are beginning to settle in. 3

Students were not as focused. 3

It was relaxing. It was a little too long. 3

lots of open eyes and twitchy students 3

We did ok, I think our favorite part is the song! 3

Too much moving around by several students. 3

Half 5 out of 5's, and half 1 out of 1's. 3

A lot of laughing and non participation 3

There should be more quiet! 3

Some students closed their eyes. Others did not. 3

slightly annoying 3

the best session so far 3

good 3

Not so good! 3

it's ok, (not good at breathing methods) 3

first day! 3

Narration had a few challenges 3

We didn't complete the entire lesson :-( 3

do you no the way 3

reminding students of the benefits of the program 3

RElaxing, but I almost fell asleep 3

End Sound was not "relaxing". 3

Lots of movement, it is very warm. 3

lost interest in looking at hands. 3

laying down instead of sitting up 3

harder than others 3

The students were quiet. 3

Relaxed 3

It was comfortable. It was boring. 3

I think it was nicer 3

some did. some didn't 3

very mindful! 3

sruggling to follow directions, 3

1 student aggravated by song. 3

â??So relaxedâ?? 3

maby you should lower timem 3

Much too much silliness today. 3

Kids are antsy awaiting March break 3

Students are bashful about participating. 3

happy,calming,joyful,relaxed 3

very wiggly today 3

Sleepy 3

relaxing, calming, relieving of pressure 3

weird at first but good 3

Happy 3

ed 3

relaxed 3

the female voices tend to be more soothing. 3

3/6 engagement Those 3 were very distracting. 3

tired 3

Happy 3

relaxed 3

Noah H: It made me feel relaxed and calm. 3

goosebumps 3

"I feel calm." said Grace 3

Calm 3

The song at the end caused some to laugh. 3

It made me anxious. 3

Not super kid friendly for 1st graders. 3

day 2 was exactly same as day 1? 3

We were interrupted by another class. 3

children quite quite 3

Relax 3

day 2 was exactly same as day 1? 3

Final music was unexpected A bit too short 3

Spring time! 3

day 2 was exactly same as day 1? 3

Lots of wiggles 3

song has to go 3

They recognize that we have done this before. 3

everyone was quiet today 3

They talked and wiggled 3

Emmett said, "It made me thought about God". 3

getting better. 3

Students were quiet - makes me calm. 3

Meh 3

Much better than yesterday! 3

ok 3

Audio Cut in and out 3

6 minutes is pretty long for first graders. 3

Halloween 3

Audio Cut in and out 3

at the end the beat was really good thank you 3

Relaxing 3

relaxed 3

Very tiny 3

very distracted today 3

Students got a little side tracked with this one. 3

The students do not like the woman's voice 3

A little difficult for 3 year olds. 3

Some students were restless 3

relaxing, ok, classic music, calming, relaxing 3

better 3

G7 3

It at least distracted me from my crazy thoughts 3

too young for my class 3

Students were reluctant to speak out loud. 3

"I felt relaxed." said Chloe. 3

Not all students followed along. 3

His voice was not as calming. 3

calm, tired, relaxed, like tired, ready for recess 3

Too cool for school attitudes today. 3

they struggled to quiet down but did ok 3

Enjoyed the music. 3

Some students were not actively engaged. 3

some ignore the prompts. 3

I don't feel anything. I'm still hyper. 3

Students were not focused today 3

Love the Exploring song! Helps us relax. 3


They just can not seem to stop talking !!! 3

the kids were focused for 6 mins only 3

i want better 3

Slow start 3

ok 3

Teacher needs to preview lesson in advance. 3

Some people were particepating 3

relaxed, weird, boring, sleepy 3

Michael said tracing his finger tinkled. 3

Relaxed 3

good 3

children were distract today. 3

It was a different experience! 3

I didn’t think belly breathing helped a lot. 3

new students were not as focused 3

It was a different experience! 3

“I was relaxing” 3

We had a giggle fit in the middle of this session 3

Students settled down a bit more today. 3

new students were not as focused 3

Peaceful; tired; calm; happy 3

Many students continued to touch others. 3

average 3

some people giggling, most doing well. 3

Hard!! 3

IIt went well but one student did not participate 3

still having engagement issues 3

kokkkkkkkookkokkkkmkkmkk 3

Not everyone participated Jayden/bryan/bentley 3

didn't engage in activity. very talkative. 3

New to the program 3

It is a good reminder to be thankful 3

I like ode to joy 3

the group is not sure about this 3

Cool 3

It was our first time. :) 3

No different 3

i feel the same 3

we had some interruptions today 3

10 breathes took a long time for students 3

We can feel our heart beat. 3

Some children didn't get engage. 3

Friday, early release, kids are antsy 3

Reviewed what we could do to show kindness. 3


Some were talking and laughing. 3

hard for students to stay quiet for that long! 3

We thought it could have calmed our bodies better. 3

pretty ok 3

Students had a hard time closing their eyes. 3

audio was fast 3

Students were quieter than usual. 3

Class needs to listen. 3

It was special. It was fun. 3

I liked the train whistle I felt calm and relaxed 3

Fine 3

giggling, some refusal 3

Loved this walk-through! We love Angelina! 3

Ok 3

I liked it. I feel a little but better. 3

Students are distracted by Laura's voice 3

not as focused 3

Students were quiet. 3

sad 3

Some participated 3

kids did not love the speaker's voice. 3

They are doing a bit better. 3

I have a headache now, Thanks. 3

afarid to be vulnerable with their eyes closed 3

j 3

repetitive 3

We like the shark directions were 3

student-it was calming. 3

Need to work on the complete quiet time 3

I have a lot of work to do. Everything hurts. 3

We like the shark directions were 3

Good exercise 3

Some chatter but 5 participants 3

Students had a hard time settling in. 3

Good, relaxing, enjoyed music, helpful 3

Sleepy! Calm. Happy. Relaxed. 3

It was hard to focus with people moving around. 3

Practice took awhile to load. 3

We missed singing the other part to the song;( 3

Kadin was not engaged or practicing with intent. 3

The screen was flickering 3

students tried to read during this time. 3

Went around room to say what we are thankful for. 3

The woman's voice was less cringey 3

good 3

???? ????????? 3

some students cooperated 3

they are getting a bit better 3

Some children had trouble listening today. 3

I thought this would be longer. 3

Good ideas and practice. 3

Normal 3

Edgar had a very calming voice. 3

nice 3

Normal 3

Thank you for thinking about nature. 3

Why did it restart at lesson one today? 3

Students were not as intune in this session. 3

fudiosfhsdihfnjkxc, 3

Students had trouble focusing. 3

Mean 3

Lia feels calm when her dad comes home. 3

One student fell asleep 3

It was emotional and relaxing. 3

Some students had trouble visualizing.... 3

Good 3

I have about 4 boys that do not engage. 3

I don't feel any different. ???? 3

still a little hesitation from some students 3

Some students struggled to focus this morning. 3

I feel weird 3

Hopefully for more participation. 3

Too many words. 3

Lots of children have their eyes open. 3

hot so kids had hard time focusing 3

Eyes opened and complaining. 3

Good, awesome, nice, focused. 3

Audible breathing. 3

Some children did not get concentration today. 3

Did not like the singing for high school students 3

We did not like shallow breathing. 3

Sleepy, nature viedo good, uncomfortable 3

they had to redo it 3

Students somewhat distracted today. 3

Not used to a male voice. 3

better 3

22 students 3

a few restless students 3

Good, tired, gave some a headache 3

they do not like this speaker 3

Some students did not find this one as helpful 3

Need to work on closing our eyes 3

Students were embarrassed to close eyes. 3

The students had a hard time closing eyes. 3

they did a better 3

today they were a little distracted 3

I am interested and a little relaxed 3

too long 3

most people did an okay job of listening. 3

i hated it today tomorrow should be better 3

CLosing of the eyes is a challenge. 3

We liked the youtube video. 3

Some were "enerve" with holidays approaching (^: 3

students were pretty quiet. Only 1 complained. 3

about 2 that laugh or make noise 3

We don't like the song. 3

I did this one already 3

Love this relaxation practice! 3

Some students participated, some didn't 3

nice intro, not too long or complicated. 3

thanks 3

calming more positive 3

Need to work on more people shutting our eyes. 3

Hard to breathe out for 10 seconds, Tired 3

enjoyed 3

its good. 3

Skipping, words seemed to cut off at parts 3

hey 3

It helped me stop and breathe and that's good. 3

So peaceful I almost fell asleep 3

Three students took it as a joke. 3

Seemed to like the audio. 3

Good 3

Many interuptions 3

calming 3

Too long to start 3

I didn't feel this really helped. 3

A few kids starting to act like it's cheesy 3

This one was a little boring. We like JUSTME. 3

We really liked the shark fin! 3

Tired from the weekend! 3

a little noisy today. some students participated 3

The music is pretty. 3

ok 3

Several were fussing with supplies and unfocused 3

19 kids did and the volume was low 3

Half of class engaged on the exercise. 3

Some students had troubles closing their eyes. 3

I don`t feel any different. ?? 3

We had 5 super focused students 3

A-OK 3

no thoughts 3

Not as relaxing as No 1 & 2 3

Some of us were talking and had eyes open 3

they did ok .... alot of talking 3

poor video quality- 3

Nice exercise. I could understand every word. 3

Tired 3

Still the same few that are not focused. 3

Jayden felt sadness in his chest. 3

Distracted today 3

Good breathing. Very still. Great heart activity. 4

better 4

four students off task 4

most were engaged :-) 4


Students were a little silly but were following. 4

calming 4

Refreshed 4

Great 4

good 4

Ehhh. I guess I feel a bit better. 4

iT'S NICE...I just wish it changed behavior 4

Happy and calm 4

Students were engaged and understand the activity. 4

For a Monday they were very attentive. 4

Great conversation about gratitude. 4

Lots of participation! 4

some students were engaged meditating. 4

liked the shark fin 4

Just one child did not get engage on the exercise. 4

Relaxed and sleepy 4

Just the right length 4

It was a little long. Lost some kids attention. 4

Indication that they will need their journals? 4

Good engagement for a Monday morning. Much needed! 4

good 4

Most students participated! 4

Feet cramped up after doing exercise 4

I like it! 4

More focused 4

Tired 4

smell is nice 4

very good!!! 4

Good job! 4

Some students were playing with materials. 4

It was simple. 4

Easy to understand. Relaxing. 4

A few students have difficulty with being quiet. 4

very good 4

Student engagement is improving some. 4

Still getting used to breathing exercises. 4

I will use this as an intervention. 4

They don't all participate, but they were quiet. 4

good and calm. 4

We thought it was hard to not think about things. 4

Going fast, good, little bit difficult, calm 4

ycool session today 4

more students were practicing today 4

I liked it but it is to long 4

great 4

Shallow breathing hurts. This was a review. 4

some students do not like keeping their eyes shut! 4

Every day better and better 4

Thank you for this topic! 4

it helped me calm down, 4

It makes you calm. 4

We like the shark fin 4

Students were resistant to the song. 4

Helped to relax and destress 4

sad 4

We like the breathing 4

Great, students learned the shark fin technique. 4

sad but relaxed 4

they did ok !! 4

this is one of our class favorites. 4

Good 4

relaxed and sad 4

?? 4

Several rude distracting students - very sad 4

they were better today 4

resentful 4

good 4

Some of the "hard" kids were engaged. 4

most students engaged and following along 4

This practice was very majestic 4

Loved the breating exercises! 4

This was tough. 4

this will take practice 4

Great way to calm down and get ready for the day. 4

More students seemed to attempt the activity. 4

We did relax....finally 4

Students felt is was too long. 4

sad that I have lost 4

getting better ! 4

more children were engaged 4

still going good! 4

Feeling the loved feeling. 4

getting slowly better 4

Kids were very engaged and enjoyed this lesson 4

We loved it 4

Very nice way to find our inner explorer. 4

Students love the song. 4

Good job! 4

Good for the first day! Excited for tomorrow. 4

Most students were engaged. 4

We liked the body scan. 4

Students seemed to enjoy today's session. 4

The entire class participated! 4

better concentration today 4

My students enjoyed the journal part of the day. 4

Great practice! 4

Calmed down 4

Its been great, it calms me down. 4

sleepy 4

It made me think about my loved ones that I lost. 4

at ease 4

Some kids were reluctant to do it but some did. 4

It was relaxing to think about forgiving. 4

relaxed and peaceful 4


Students felt relaxed and were calm 4

Students were very relaxed. 4

Pretty good job. 4

Love makes some people uncomfortable. 4

"It made me feel comfortable." said Eli 4

fuzzy 4

Thinking of nature helped us relax. 4

still struggling with keeping the boys eyes closed 4

We practiced forgiveness. Good job! 4

great! 4

long 4

The video stopped towards the middle. 4

We liked thinking about smells. 4

I'm nervous that my class won't take it serious. 4

90% of class engaged on the exercise. 4

I feel great 4

?? 4

Rainy day 4

Most students gave it good effort. 4

Lots of wiggling. 4

soothing and relaxing. 4

we had a lot of happy heart thoughts! 4

They need more time to write 4

Relaxing. 4

they were quieter today 4

3 students not fully engaged 4

they did ok its a rainy day so its not easy ! 4

good engagement 4

Most students did great, some are still silly. 4

Male students still have difficulty focusing. 4

It was good. It clears your head. Makes me sleepy. 4

Some got sleepy 4

Redid gratitude without the explorer song. 4

I enjoyed using tension to help me relax! 4

def calmer after!!! 4

better 4

great discussion after 4

Very relaxing 4

We like JUSTME. It was a great practice. 4

Speaker was engaging 4

Today with enjoyed the exercise with some parents. 4

some giggling with the shark fin 4

I felt calm. 4

Please play the song twice next time!! 4

better today using the belly breathing activity 4

Some kiddos kept their eyes open. 4

We used play dough today for the first time 4

Some children got very good concentration. 4

It skipped a few times but was relaxing. 4

We has a lot of thoughts today. 4

The ocean sound was disturbing to me. 4

nice 4

We feel good! 4

That song is a hit!! 4

They are slow but surely getting the hang of it 4

I sat in a new place and it felt really nice 4

Sleepy 4

The sound cut out in one point. 4

i feel very good and calm 4

:) 4

done before the time was up 4

Getting better even when new things happen. 4

Most students were silent and participating. 4

Some students were not focused or very mindful. 4

sounds were very soothing 4

I feel tired. I feel bored. I feel safe. 4

ooooooooooof 4

All but one student were very engaged. 4

The two who need to focus the most didn't. 4

Ok 4

very good 2 minutes 4

good participation 4

Tired. Relaxed. Sleepy. CALM. Happy. 4

We were thinking about who we loved. 4

I am not healthy. want to breathe deeper 4


student-did not like crowd sampling noises. 4

The class did a great job today. 4

distracted 4

getting better 4

Breathing made us feel relaxed. 4

Had to redirect and start over 4

stretching relaxes you 4

they quieted down faster -- yipheee 4

Had to redirect and start over 4

Tensing and releasing felt good. 4

Most participated 4

i think that we did the best that we could 4

Need to pause more. 4

Had to redirect and start over 4

The calming down breaths. 4

wow its good 4

Relaxed and listened quietly. 4

The class was very quiet and listening well. 4

Just one child did not get concentration. 4

Good job! This was relaxing! Thanks!?????????? 4

Some people were talking. 4

Sleepy 4

mind massage is a great calming activity 4

the children have their is open to listern 4

children was calm 4

name of practice is sound but this was about smell 4

kinda long for 1st grade focus but they liked it 4

Thank you for no long silences! 4

Thank you! 4

We feel relaxed but want more instruction 4

Happy, peaceful, joyful! 4

it was a really good life lesson 4

most don't see it as silly anymore 4

rested 4

More students are participating 4

peace 4

noice! 4

It was difficult for even me. 4

Most Students were happy to participate 4

Less giggling. Better engagement 4

Did at their desks today. Students did well. 4

not fans of the song for grade 5 4

Jayden likes when it says it inside your head... 4

Most of class enjoyed the exercise. 4

all but 3 students were able to close their eyes 4

(^: 4

good listening 4

First day with a few glitches on our end. 4

calm 4

more calm 4

Some students were really focused and listening . 4

comments from the students, "good, relaxing" 4

It is a start. 4

Still thought it was silly. 4

good pratices 4

Calm 4

I felt totally relaxed after this session. 4

good 4

we had a disrupter that disturb us 4

song, shark fin, wind chimes, breathing 4

Kids were much more engaged this session. 4

Improvement over yesterday... Getting better... 4

Some folks felt very relaxed. Peaceful. 4

Students are receptive and participating. 4

everyone except one student was fully engaged 4

Love shark fin. relaxing video. 4

It was nice to hear what they were thankful for 4

Best one yet! 4

Calm during meditation 4

Most of class engaged on the exercise. 4

some people might not have hair 4

good 4

Writing cont to be a great task for the kids 4

Students showed a lot more participation today 4

All the students participated today. 4


The children miss the song. 4

ok 4

ok 4

Engagement level has increased. 4

Most students did well with this lesson. 4

More involved today-- 4

a few students were playing with clothing 4

They did a lot better today. 4

It was relaxing, and smooth. 4

They were engaged with the writing in the journal. 4

noisy breathing was really cool! 4

I'm getting there 4

Makes me feel happy! 4

The majority of students participated. 4

3 did not fully participate. 4

It was fun to hear what the kids like to taste 4

y class enjoyed it and wants to do it again. 4

student were calm and relax 4

good 4

Feel taller, calm. 4

most students participated 4

Eyes shut still hard. 4

It was good 4

It's a good transition to our writing time. 4

Almost all students participated in the video! 4

This was awesome, I feel lighter. 4

good listening 4

doing this at bedtime as part of the routine, 4

very enjoyable relaxation time :) 4

estaba bien 4

Students were able to remember good memories 4

The lessons take too long to load. 4

Very tinney sounding today 4

Normal, sleepy, Peaceful, happy, relaxing 4

Loved cookie smells! 4

Well done 4

Much better today 4

really noticing their hands 4

its good to be back! 4

Students were quieter today. 4

Laura has a calming, soothing voice. 4

some kids not closing eyes 4

really noticing their hands 4

Several students were distracted today. 4

this section was very difficult 4

great 4

good attention for first day back from vacation 4

Relaxed and calm 4

Liked the chimes and bird sounds. 4

alsom 4

Good explanation of intentional practice! 4

we really like the relaxing train! 4

The kids miss the song. 4

Very wonderful session!!! I loved it!! 4

Hard! 4

My students were calm and engaged in this lesson. 4

90% participation. 4

Thank you for the thoughts 4

great 4

Some students felt more relaxed this time. 4

Relaxing to the point of almost sleeping! 4

First time for me! I enjoyed it! 4

Most students had full participation except a few. 4

Overall excellent particpation 4

gud 4

kids seem to like it overall 4

We felt calm! 4

I feel good. 4

Thank you for the chimes and music to calm down! 4

Two boys were slouching in their seats. 4

Great Great 4

pretty good, helps control your mind 4

good concentration 4

pretty good listening 4

quieter than yesterday 4

Amazing participation today! 4

good job 4

One student continues to not participate sadly. 4

Calm and relaxed 4

Realexed 4

I had to remind some people not to walk around 4


boring but it helped good good meh 4

They enjoyed the exercise today 4

The breathing made me feel alive. 4

Relaxed 4

4 4

Many students still not closing their eyes. 4

Makes me feel calm 4

Today I got distracted by a classmate 4

relief and stress free 4

many children enjoyed the exercise today 4

Lots of 5/5, some 1's 4

I was just previewing for tomorrow. 4

Pretty quiet, a little noise. 4

great! 4

innerexplorer.org is amazing 4

Students did well for the first day. 4

Students were listening and somewhat engaged. 4

They did much better today. 4

Most of class got concentration today. 4

Students are active and receptive to the lesson. 4

They were very excited to get started. 4

Most of class got concentration today. 4

great 4

good 4

19 of 20 students took it seriously. 4

It's Monday...they were a bit tired. 4

some students did not take it seriously 4

Getting better at being focused on the practice. 4

Calm,not destress 4

More students than normal participated. 4

That was good to learn the sharkfin! 4

interactive and more engaging 4

Great! 4

Most of class know the final song. 4

Mostly everyone participating and engaged. 4

Calm 4

good 4

New student, adjusting... 4

It was a really great practice! 4

good 4

Some distractions, but overall focused 4

calm and now that settels my brain 4

Calm 4

Sound was a little tin-like sounding 4

students felt the time seemed shorter 4

That was good very relaxing 4

Felt calm, relaxed, was a new challenge 4

I feel pretty good...this was useful. 4

Students enjoyed sharing smells they like 4

relaxing for some students 4

A few kids commented on their inner feelings. 4

Great 4

Jayden won't close his eyes. 4

Just one child did not engage. 4

21 students were focused 4

relaxed 4

i student is really not enjoying the experience 4

90% of students engaged on the exercise. 4

It felt like we did this already. 4

I don't really like the journal time. 4

Happy 4

good listening 4

Much calmer. 4

great introduction 4

More relaxed than before. 4

this one was hard for us. 4

Jayden thinks of his grandma. 4

not bad for breathing 5 times 4

that was calming 4

Students worked more calmly. 4

students were quiet. 4

Helped center my thoughts for the day. 4

good sessions 4

We enjoy Ms. Alvarez' voice and chill attitude :-) 4

Most of the class participated. 4

parade of thoughts 4

good 4

Students felt very relaxed. 4

Tightening wasn't calming but releasing was. 4

It was difficult to focus today. 4

Sound was a bit off 4

I thought it was good. 4

Its a good idea to have thoughts be like clouds 4

How Do You Feel? 4

Very calming; thank you! 4

I like the song and singing 4

students were calm. 4

Shani said it made her calm down. 4

Deep breathing made us feel good! 4

peaceful relaxing 4

We LOVE the song!!!! 4

My kids did not enjoy/want to sing along. 4

They did pretty good, It calmed them down. 4

very engaged 4

We really liked the train sound. 4

relaxing, struggle to focus on my abdomen 4

The music was soothing and relaxing. 4

This one wasn't as interesting to the students. 4

Elianys liked the smile part. 4

Almost all students were participating. 4

Happy 4

Relaxed 4

Helped calm us down. 4

Relaxed 4

happy 4

calm 4

A lot of students put their heads down today. 4

Good start, thanks! 4

Too long! 4

Calm,sleepy and tired 4

4 children were really into it... 4

Great practice for all ages! 4

Went great. 4

They are getting better ! 4

We like JustMe 4

I feel good 4

Many students calmed down and participated today. 4

calm and relaxed 4

One student loved it. 4

lots of giggles during the journal writing time. 4

Some students were reluctant to do it. 4

Students seem more relaxed and ready to work. 4

some goffing off today. 4

The journaling is an interesting added component. 4

Thank you for the music Good voice inflection. 4

helpful! 4

What it means to be kind is being nice to others. 4

It's hard to turn off my thoughts. 4

really good 4

Students were more engaged today. 4

calm 4

Trouble with eyes but liked the outside sounds. 4

Very relaxing 4

today most people participated in the exercise 4

Calm 4

good 4

Just a few eyes open today. 4

Students were more engaged today. 4

They laughed more than relax 4

Thanks 4

lungs need exercise 4

Calm 4

Much better today. 4

It helps with focusing on activities. 4

Video is shaky. 4

Students were very quiet and cooperative. 4

Class enjoys the session today. 4

Could we change up the music? 4

2 students chatting 4

some started off not engaged but soon got engaged 4

I liked when I got to close my eyes. 4

most were engaged 4

much bettetr 4

We missed singing the song. 4

Better 4

Good discussion on what we noticed. 4

Body Scan was very relaxing! 4

Most of the class participated! :) 4

Good 4

The kids were curious and engaged. 4

keeping eyes closed was difficult for some 4

good listening 4

100%, made me feel calm, 4

good 4

good 4

kids participated well 4

Students were cooperative and calm. 4

I seemed a bit long for first grade. 4

We liked this. Simple 4

We liked all of the cool sounds! 4

This one was engaging! 4

nice and helpful 4

they did ok 4

Getting quietier ! 4

ok and good 4

A few continue to not participate. 4

Relaxed, maybe a bit sleepy 4

Challenge to sit with the quiet. 4

Happy, sleepy, I don't know 4

NiCe 4

Getting slightly better at it... 4

More variety 4

Kids giggling 4

harder to visualize and feel the lesson 4

test 4

We like belly breathing! It feels good! 4

Harder to pay attention 4

They were ok 4

Very long today 4

the silence was hard (I teach middle school) 4

Students seemed a little distracted today. 4

Some students breathing very loudly. 4

very good 4

it feels good to breath 4

peaceful 4

very relaxing 4

Very relaxing. The music is better. 4

"good" 4

Students were engaged 4

Every day they are doing better and better. 4

Relaxing, tiring! 4

Three of my student were active participants. 4

when they did the leg tension it made many giggle. 4

I love the sound of innocent laughter. 4

Room was much quieter 4

We heard lots of different noises. 4

Many of us are thankful for pizza and pasta... 4

struggled to calm down and listen 4

I feel calm balanced emotions 4

We thought it was easier to focus today. 4

Calm, peaceful, no difference. 4

most heads were down... 4

Majority of students were completely engaged. 4

good!! 4

Yay! 4

Relaxed 4

students still have trouble focusing. 4

talked about the color of our breathing 4

Reminders are given frequently 4

2 students sliding their chairs around 4

It was calm, useful, peaceful,and relaxing. 4

Peaceful! 4

better job today ! 4

students were cooperative and calm. 4

Relaxing 4

Great! 4

Relaxing. 4

mostly pretty good! 4

All but 3 were engaged 4

Paying attention to our breathing. 4

Students' posture is slipping... 4

Many of the boys find it very difficult to focus. 4

Practically I feel, I feel good, I'm not sure. 4

good ! 4

It's getting better each day. 4

super duper relaxed!!!!!!! 4

Paying attention to our breathing. 4

External is great vocabulary 4

some distractions today 4

Less reminders given today. 4

Mostly engaged except for 1 or 2. 4

some students were engaged. 4

sleepy, cooler, relaxed, awake, happy, 4

Better today. 4

It was hard being quiet for over 3 minutes. 4

bad day no help 4

Students felt more relax 4

Her voice, we liked the song 4

Sit Silently Softly Shut Eyes Straight 4

good 4

The students were engaged with today's meditation. 4

We are improving 4

Chicken 4

good 4

good learning lesson on the brain 4

We like singing the song twice. 4

better 4

The breathing was calming and relaxing! 4

it was good 4

Makes me feel happy 4

Needed that 4

t yt?ff 4

Some of the students did not want to participate 4

My class did surprisingly well 4

getting better 4

Overall good participation. The majority tried. 4

Short but sweet 4

We liked the silence part and the birds chirping. 4

I like the explorer song 4

It let out all my energy and made me calm. 4

nice listening 4

lady has a nice voice 4

Most of class engaged. 4

Better, more relaxed 4

slowly getting better....attention of students. 4

students were listening quietly. 4

Relaxed and ready for the day 4

Nice to be in more silence! 4

good practice of an already introduced technique 4

It was a good start 4

MIxed emotions from sad, happy to laughing 4

good concentration 4

it was ok? 4

It helped calm me down. 4

Remeber to sit straight and participate. 4

David has a very soothing voice. :-) 4

OK 4

oik 4

I felt calm and happy. 4

Ready to tackle the day! 4

We enjoyed the music because it was calming. 4

better at being silent, more issues being still 4

they did ok 4

We are grateful for many things and people. 4

Front row goofing off. 4

I feel calm and safe. 4

The children are getting focused more quickly now. 4

some kids had problems with Vagus breathing. 4

good practice 4

Most of class got engage in the exercise. 4

calm 4

most students enjoyed the shark fin 4

"I feel glad.", said Chloe 4

students were quietly engaged 4

Very soothing and calming exercise 4

Relaxing, comfortable, at home 4

The kids like to breathe slowly 4

Relaxing, good sleepy, interesting 4

We still have to work on keeping out feet quiet. 4

It was great. I helps us relax ourselves 4

More people got into it. 4

I feel relaxed. 4

first time they have kept eyes closed to focus! 4

pretty good 4

Several students chose not to participate today. 4

2 people did not participate. 4

Feel very relaxed, calm and at peace 4

Some people were mindful. 4

I feel great 4

We All Loved It 4


We were all very sleepy 4

There was less giggling. 4

We All Loved It 4

feeling tired and more relaxed, "I feel good" 4

Much better concentratiobn 4

deep breathing 4

good 4

decent participation today 4

Very relaxing session. 4

Good 4

We are getting better! 4

it helped me get ready for the day 4

this practice was wonderful. 4

long 4

I liked the diversity 4

A few students are still resisting the time. 4

still lots of eyes open but quiet and calm. 4

Many male students had trouble with the process. 4

you didn't mention a fish!...sad face! 4

almost all were engaged 4

Many male students had trouble with the process. 4

It was awesome because I like when it is quiet. 4

it was good enough to calm me down 4

A couple kids looking around most doing okay 4

Not very involved. 4

It was difficult to focus on abdominal breathing. 4

more closed eyes today 4

students like the song. 4

some really focused others not so much 4

We were calmer with slow breaths. 4

very relaxing 4

The students did really well with this lesson. 4

It was nice. Calming effect. 4

They are excited, so a bit wiggly. 4

it was really good 4

good 4

Braelyn is thinking about his sister's teacher. 4

took a long time to get settled 4

One of my students really liked it. 4

relaxed and calm 4

Music was great, 4

we love the song! The shark fin is fun. calming. 4

most were engaged and shared after the session 4

very nice tips for calming down and breathing. 4

More people involved than yesterday. 4

Very quiet and peaceful today. 4

perfect 4

overall, the class liked this one 4

good 4

I feel happy! said Liam 4

good listening 4

2nd time for our class for this track 4

happy, good, calm, 4

Great, happy, calm, sleepy 4

I don't know, happy, super happy! 4

Gave incentive with bucks 4

talked about what kind of cookie they smelled 4

"I feel great", said Alison 4

"It made me feel very silly.." said Emmett 4

good job 4

We enjoyed stretching our necks 4

We did this one before and expected more guidance. 4

Most of class got concentration on the exercise. 4

Some students were playing with materials. 4

Ifelt really relaxed. I felt calm and quiet. 4

helped relax more 4

Most people participated this time. 4

calm 4

Very nice to concentrate on different body parts! 4

Children are beginning to settle in. 4

Tired 4

We like the song and being quiet 4

"We feel ok, it helped a little bit." 2nd grader 4


a little wiggly to begin but they settled in well 4

Much improvement 4

good 4

Great! 4

was good 4

Relaxation Train 4

busy bodies and feet out in the room today 4

Most of class engaged on the exercise. 4

2 students had the wiggles 4

fidgety today 4

end of summer school, kids are getting used to it 4

A bit long. 4

Great quick reset for our day. 4

All students were receptive to practice. 4

Some liked the silent moment. 4

Few students needed help focusing. 4

This was supposed to be on Sound but was Smell. 4

First session all students participated 4

good, practices 4

getting better 4

the students love the ocean sounds. 4

Ready 4

Much better engagement today. 4

We restarted 3 times , then listened very well. 4

almost all children were engaged today 4

more participation by the group 4

first time since last year. most did a good job 4

Felt relaxed 4

i feel relaxed 4

Starting over.... 4

Most of class engaged on the exercise. 4

We liked the choo choo train 4

it was a bit better !! 4

Halloween is a great interference... 4

We feel relaxed, clam, and happy. 4

Students seemed engaged and enjoyed the journaling 4

i felt good 4

good 4

They liked it! 4

some students just dont try. Sad for them 4

improving 4

Students listened more than normal. 4

relaxed 4

The was voice less relaxing than yesterday's. 4

some tried it some were quiet some had trouble 4

We like everything! 4

somet talking 4

very relaxing! 4

getting a little better 4

They got relaxing time. 4

Students were focus and following along 4

My hands are sweaty... 4

I only have two students that were not into it. 4

A good first go around 4

We liked getting really stretched. 4

giggling, had to stop twice 4

8 of 10 children engaged with the eyes closed. 4

Relaxing 4

Almost everyone particpated 4

Almost all students did a fantastic job! 4

Relaxed and calm 4

Today the class got another star. 4

i feel gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood 4

students were relaxed, and less fidgety. 4

It made us feel sleepy 4

We really enjoyed today I think! The song ROCKS! 4

Normal and relaxed 4

great engagement but hungry 4

Student were relax and enjoyed it. 4

Students were quiet, none complaining. 4

A few kids had to be redirected. 4

Student: feel great, happy, relaxed, peaceful 4

It was a good introduction! 4

All went well 4

Another good session. 4

beautiful 4

Students are learning to relax 4

fantastic! 4

difficulty manuevering to the next track 4

Some eyes open and some wiggling. 4

We like the Explorer song. 4

They were pretty focused today. 4

Very relaxed!ð?¥° 4

Very peaceful today. 4

4 students kept opening their eyes 4

practicing breathing helps me pay attention 4

calm 4

Good session- very relaxing! 4

Better than yesterday. Too much silence yesterday. 4

Imporoving 4

We mostly mindful. Learned about love. 4

students' participation is Improving 4

We had a great session!! 4

Me gusto la voz de la persona que hablo! 4

students were peaceful and participating 4

More focused 4

Calmer and happier for sure! 4

Todays session made one student feel sleepy. 4

buena 4

Nice job Guys but stop doing the jounarl 4

Kids were calm and enjoyed it, 4

students relaxed, some may have fallen asleep. 4

"it helped a little." short 4

We liked the writing for 2 minutes afterwards. 4

good activity 4

some was able to do the exercise and some wasn't 4

feeling calm 4

Some not participating Overall Good Work:) 4

geting started 4

I got distracted by my to do list!! 4

?? 4

Happy tired 4

It was soothing a 4

I thought belly breathing felt good. 4

We liked slowing our breath down 4

It helped us to let go of some angry thoughts. 4

Most students participated 4

good reminders and direct instructions are helpful 4

great 4

Some snickering, but most students engaged. 4

Not sure about the song. That is new this year. 4

Students are commenting they like it. 4

i feel happy and relaxed 4

It was loud when we transitioned to writing. 4

Students are learning to breath still... 4

2-3 students were moving and distracted 4

2 students not enjoying the activity 4

They were getting better -- more engagement 4

We found the pauses to be a little too long today. 4

Students seemed somewhat engaged 4

Liked focusing on breathing! 4

We feel very relaxed. A little sleepy but calm. 4

Awesome 4

Calming,relaxing and good topic 4

More centered yet....? 4

More relaxed. 4

The kids enjoyed the wind chimes. 4

The mindfulness made me feel good 4

Some doing great - a few still very squirley 4

Overall, this was a good session. 4

better today 4

It was nice. 4

Class was quiet, but not all were participating, 4

I was happy and I'm still happy 4

students enjoyed the song 4

Only some thought it was silly. 4

relaxed. 4

great practice. 4

I feel like I'm going to have a good day 4

They were all engaged in the lesson. 4

Most participated, but many were talking. 4

Students enjoyed hearing different sounds. 4

Better than yesterday, but someone dropped a pen. 4

We love Inner Explorer! 4

Most got a smile on their lips! 4

learning breathing is exercising my lungs 4

I felt relaxed. -Bradley G. 4

Student-it seemed to work. 4

The childs voice is too high and peppy 4

much more focused today 4

most of the class participated and stayed focused 4

Class enjoyed it very much 4

Some students were playing with their materials. 4


The students were participating. 4

I liked it. 4

Pretty good!! 4

good. Two spanish students didn't understand 4

Students were engaged 4

Relaxed feeling. 4

The persons voice was scratchy 4

It feels good to feel belly move. But weird too. 4

Gianna is happy to know Mrs. Barca. 4

better today 4

Students are active participants and attentive. 4

Relaxing, made us sleepy. 4

love 4

good 4

It was great today! 4

more attentive and participation 4

calm and relaxed 4

It was very peaceful to go over our body parts. 4

I liked the practice because it made me calm. 4

very relaxing today 4

The deep breathing exercise was a little slow. 4

Few kids not shutting eyes 4

pretty good for the day before break! 4

More students actively participated than Day 1. 4

most were engaged today 4

really good 4

Good intro, posturing imporant 4

Exccellent class 4

veru loud today recovering from a long weekend 4

Many of my students enjoyed this. 4

kids are still not following quietly; kinder. 4

Students were able to focus. 4

Most of the students were resistant to practicing. 4

Students had a difficult time remaining quiet. 4

Loved this connection! 4

Makes me tired! 4

most were following along 4

Good Start! 4

Too long 4

good 4

quieter today 4

Loved the silence 4

Relaxing 4

We didn't know the song! 4

It calmed me down and made me happy. 4

Great start. I am excited about Inner Explorer! 4

a little silly 4

go good ???? 4

Great discussion afterwards (^: 4

good 4

The kids liked the different sounds/examples. 4

80% of class engaged in the exercise. 4

We are getting better at staying focused. 4

I liked it! 4

Students were receptive and active listeners. 4

WE need to remember to close our eyes 4

I feel safe and not scared. 4

Breathing was relaxing.When smiling we felt happy. 4

had 1 student that was not engaged 4

good quiet 4

Jalaia "Hurt makes my chest feel hard." 4

Much calmer class after session. 4

getting better 4

too long and we don't have time to journal 4

Great visuals of gratitude for our age group 4

nice focus! 4

everyone was breathing and doing the sharkfin 4

the students like to meditate. 4

pretty good listening 4

student-"it was really relaxing." 4

Holding breath a little too long 4

Students were engaged but they can do better. 4

we liked the one minute listening. 4

Student participation is improving. 4

My class is doing great on this practice! 4

the kids liked this one 4

It made Gunnar feel happy! 5

great 5

The students loved the song at the end. 5

Distractions 5

I love it 5

They really enjoyed today's lesson! 5

i liked it 5

loved this one! 5

very good 5

We really love the song. 5

loved it! 5

Z says, "I loved it." 5

It was really relaxing!???????????? 5

loved the relaxing feeling after 5

It made Bella happy for her mommy. 5

Very nice sensory lab today 5


Thank you. 5

first day was a great experince 5

stressed! that ticking clock! 5

Very relaxing and calming. 5

made us feel good 5

Would prefer chimes to signal end of quiet 5

Wiggly kids getting used to new procedure. 5

great 5


This activity was calming and relaxing for us. 5

a favorite! 5

good 5

It feels good! 5

Will is becoming a class favorite. 5

I like it when the person explains the benefits. 5

relaxing 5

Itâ??s awesome 5

good 5

fun 5

Felt good, felt weird when I open, 5

Sound would cut in and out sometimes 5

students were all engaged! 5

I feel good because we got to take deep breaths. 5

this was a great way to start our day 5

Very peaceful! 5

My students were all very engaged. 5


love ms moses 5

Good 5

Good job. 5

Great job. 5

Great breathing techniques! 5

shark 5

Good 5

Favorite lesson so far! 5

it was a enjoyably exersise 5

inspired 5

It helps to relax my body. 5

all the students enjoyed the session for today. 5

NIce relaxing technique 5

Todayâ??s message was so powerful. Thank you 5

Sebastian B. says it was AMAZING! 5

Thank you - relaxing. 5

love the altering nostrils for breathing. 5

Amazing on the quiet moment. 5

Great reminder to slow down in life, thank you :) 5

relaxed 5

good attention 5

Loved this exercise! Great job! 5

happy 5

Acts of kindness are an important part of our day. 5

It made me calm down. 5

It helped me draw. It was very relaxing. 5

make feel good , after to this 5

emotions 5

Students feel good. 5

fun 5

happy and kind 5

calm 5

I feel gr8t after this! 5

this is the most engaged the class has been! 5

great way to start monday morning 5

Relaxing 5

Calm, great, empathy 5

Good day! 5

Brings back memories and made me feel calm. 5

Peaceful! 5

Thank You! 5

Very good practice today. 5

GREAT!!! 5

I loved the positive thoughts. 5

gr8t 5

Excellent for kindergarten. 5


We are going to think about our happy times. 5

My students are beginning to trust themselves. 5

It was relaxing to take deep breaths. 5

I liked it a lot! The soothing music was calming. 5

It made Sophia feel happy 5

relaxed 5

We loved the visualizing! 5

Iâ??m Sleepy 5

More relaxed. Made some feel sleepy. 5

sleepy, 5

Good Awesome Fantastic Calm Happy Relaxed 5

great way to start out tuesday 5

good 5

extermly helpful 5

thanks 5

Armani like it. 5

okay 5

it was amazing 5

I feel calm 5

Wonderful! The kids are writing in their journals. 5

good 5

great 5

wonderful adventures in smell. Thank You! 5

Thank you-we needed this lesson today. 5

Need more of the transitional tracks. 5

We really liked this one! 5

fun 5

We love doing the friendly wishes. 5

students were trying to participate 5

relaxed 5

They enjoyed doing the sharkfin! 5

relaxed 5

Felt nice for Daniel to calm down before homework 5

Calm It made me feel sad. I feel happy. 5

So relaxing! Nap time! I loved it! 5

Change can be fun 5

Great 5

a bit more relaxed 5

it rely made me relaxst 5

Awesome! 5

it was so calm and peaceful 5

most were engaged 5

Very relaxing. 5

excelent 5

all good 5

I feel relaxed because it calmed me down. 5

At leave your mind ' very cool 5

We liked focusing on the sounds. 5

very relaxing 5

Relaxed 5

Happy 5

Easy for kids to follow 5

good listening 5

this is good tell how to relax 5

great goob 5

coming and makes me sleapy 5

Thank you for this lesson. I really appreciate it. 5

Good practice 5

Almost everyone did it today! Yay! 5

Love Will! 5

Children liked the session 5

calm 5

All class engaged on the exercise. 5

... 5

very relaxing. puts me in a good relaxing mood. 5

Calm, relaxing, focused 5

Most of the students were engaged today. 5

it was realaxing 5

calm, relaxed, focused, ready to learn 5

thank you Laura ?? 5

i like this one 5

Okay for the children 5

Most enjoyed 5

Students were very quiet. 5

i love it 5

calm 5

This is our jammy jam! 5

Students seemed to like this practice today 5

Fun 5

good breathing in and out start with heart 5

love the song! 5

Good breathing and mindfulness. 5

great activity. 5

they liked sharing kindness 5

Love the Sharkfin! 5

great and ?? 5

"I felt calm and happy." said Samara 5

Thank you-really needed this lesson. 5

we really liked the slow belly breathing:) 5

:) 5

We Love Belly Breathing! 5

great 5

It is calming. Mind was clear 5

relax 5

great to calm the kids after our Halloween parade 5

We did an great job today 5

loved it! 5

Very relaxing and insightful! 5

Great job today! 5

wonderful 5

We love it and we know the song. Pretty cool! 5

Jake's voice causes giggles. 5

great morning 5

pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 5

it was really good!! 5

kids were on task. still a few giggles. 5

students participated and were calmer after. 5

That was nice! 5

Gratitude 5

Awesome and really does help us 5

Good though 5

fun 5

Went well liked the ending! 5

Favorite one so far! 5

100% good 5

It was very calming and relaxing. 5

nice 5

this lesson was very good and relaxing. 5

Tired 5

I feel good and safe and it makes me feel nice. 5

good sleepy good to think about knee caps 5

I liked the snow globe analogy. 5

:) Perhaps we will try it outside sometimes! 5

I feel good because I love myself. 5

It was aiso 5

All positively engaged 5

wonderful 5

good day 5

ok 5

happy 5

calm 5

lov it 5

absolulty relaxed 5

Calm 5

Nice 5

:) 5

All class engaged on the exercise. 5

great comments about being in the quiet mind. 5

"I feel relaxed." said Emily 5

Peaceful, happy, content, full of positive energy. 5

great voice, pace and exercises 5

It was great. 5

it is the best 5

We feel special, calm, relaxed, protected! 5

Went smoothly. 5

acts of kindness 5

love the gratitude 5

Good here 5

Feel good and okay 5

good day 5

Everyone closed their eyes for the first time! 5

loved it 5

calm 5

more in control of my thoughts 5

Good one! Had to explain "bondad". Excellent! 5


Very engaging! 5

It was fun and I like it a lot. It was relaxing. 5

All but one or two were not on track. 5

Good through for this one 5

Thank you it was great! 5

The children were very receptive so far 5

Love the shark fin 5

We felt amazing! 5

Great music dude! 5

Loved it! 5

The students loved it. Thank you. 5

This lesson was awesome. 5

i feel good.thank you 5

I feel relaxed. 5

palo palito palo e e e e e palo palito palo e 5

j 5

made us feel calm. 5

relax 5

start with the heart 5

It made Liam feel calm. 5

thanks 5

Turtle Breaths 5

it was helpful 5

relaxed 5

very relaxed 5

uhh 5

Best one yet- we loved the relaxation train! 5

Great! 5

again..again..that's what they said. 5

I like how they describe belly breathing 5

The ringing sounds. Thinking helped us process. 5

That was great! 5

We liked thinking about 3 acts of kindness! 5

This one is a keeper! It needs to be on replay. 5

I feel calm and ready to learn. 5

thankful and present 5

We loved that! 5

They were very engaged to today's activity 5

I feel focused 5

good 5

Only two students were not paying attention. 5

great start to sat morning 5

Grateful 5

Excellent voice 5

Enjoyed the exercises. 5

We feel calm. 5

Feeling relaxed. 5

Nice new voice! 5

Love it! 5

This was very relaxing 5

They liked reflecting on themselves. 5

more settled!! 5

We had a good time exploring today! :) 5

it was good 5

just right, for the children 5

Great way to begin the 2019 year! 5

numb 5

very relaxed 5

Very nice session today. 5

This was a great practice! 5

My students were more engaged today! 5

Took a long time to load today. 5

It helped us to calm down. 5

Great speaking voice and practice. 5

I feel happy. 5

Good practice 5

Calm and relaxed! 5

love the breathing exercises! 5

good 5

Breathing is the key 5

"I feel relaxed", said Stella. 5

It was wonderful to think about loved ones! 5

I felt calm, relaxed and about to go to sleep. 5

good listening 5

pretty good 5

Kids really enjoyed it today. Loved it 5

Students were engaged in the early morning. 5

rough start. strong finish 5

Amazing le good 5

Good pace. Relaxing. Calming. 5

It made Legend happy! 5

They are getting better at this 5

ok 5

good 5

wow what ride that was! 5

relaxed 5

Very relaxing 5

calm 5

"The sounds made me feel good." (MG) 5

I feel better. 5

the best! 5

Refreshed and relaxed. 5

It was cool! 5

Loved warming up hands 5

Great job today, we had a guest visitor 5

great way to start the morning 5

Refreshing! 5

It was fun today!! 5

The best lesson for kindergarten! 5

love the message here 5

great way to start our week . 5

Thank you. 5

Terrific 5

?? happy 5

It made us fee;l sleepy and calm. 5

relaxed 5

It was very calming! 5

It felt good! 5

It made us feel calm and comfortable 5

kids learning belly breathing 5

It made Legend feel happy. 5

Will is a new favorite 5

fine 5

I can feel this practice 5

U 5

feel good after practice 5

I feel relaxed 5

I feel good 5

fun 5

hard to stay focused today 5

Fun 5

Simply soothing. 5

It was easy and we liked it. It was relaxing. 5

Got us really relaxed and calmed 5

very nice! 5

Mayar said that she feels happy. 5

It was really relaxing. It was comfortable. 5

relax 5

Students were on task and participating. 5

relax for now. 5

most students were doing very well at following 5

The program is cool 5

Is ThIs In MiNeCrAfT?! 5

it was nice 5

I have just taken my senses for granted 5

uhj 5

Students were very engaged in today's session. 5

i 5

make wise choices 5

One of our favorites! :) 5

this was a great way to get our tuesday started 5

thank you 5

Great 5

Only two off task. 5

1 student with eyes open 5

loved slow as a turtle 5

?? 5

calm 5

great 5

I feel gr8t! I love this app already!?? 5

Nice! 5

Very relaxing. 5

They are really getting it!! 5

Thank you 5

Great practice. 5

we had a great time doing exercise. 5

Soothing 5

we love feeling loved! 5

Yeah! The kids asked to do this today! 5

gud job 5

this was good on senes 5

This was a great one!!! 5

Calming and engaging 5

Great Work! Phenomenal 5

I feel relaxed 5

We like the power to make smart choices! 5

This is my favorite lesson. 5

Happy 5

i felt good in sade 5

I feel good. 5

that minute of silence was great! 5

everyone was engaged today 5

Feel okay 5

They seemed to like the song and the shark fin. 5

great:) 5

Good 5

i feel calm and happy 5

We liked imagining the different smells. 5

this was a good practice for them 5

very soothing voice but quality was not as clear 5

Very nice being comfortably quiet. 5

Students were very relaced 5

Great presentation... 5

It helps us stay calm. 5

great job 5

We did a wonderful job and Parker made us laugh! 5

We are relaxing. 5

I like this with the children and feel good. 5

One of my favorites. 5

Students are focusing more 5

Awesome exercise 5

This is a very relaxing exercise .... 5

Excellent focus in their mindfulness practice. 5

I could practice this every hour and be content. 5

Calm and responsive 5

That was the best!! 5

We like thinking of things we are grateful for. 5

Great job with adding extended music. 5

thank you for this practice today 5

We're getting better and better! 5

the session was injoyabl 5

Good 5

Great 5

gr8t! 5

So important kids know how to Belly breath ... 5

Relaxing 5

Soothing, calming and relieving. 5

It was relaxing. It was perfect. 5

the children did a great job for the first time 5

great listening 5

good listening 5

We love the Relaxation Train! 5

my sisters is Happy hehe 5

our class responded so beautifully to this one! 5

I liked the breathing and relaxing my body. 5

i feel 5

it was nice 5

Review was great. 5

Happy 5

We feel calm 5

relaxing way to start our wednesday 5

fun 5

Positive, rested, calm. 5

that was fun! 5

mindful minute 5

much calmer 5

Very good session. 5

loved the turtle 5

More students feeling good about the program! 5

Thank you. 5

?? 5

class really liked this one 5

all the students tried. 5

good listening 5

Students 5

I feel good. 5

relaxing calm quiet satisfying 5

it was good 5

thank you for that! 5

Love her voice it calms me 5

This was good start with heart and feel secure 5

great 5

tired 5

calm 5

good transition 5

Helpful! 5

good 5

Students felt peace, relaxed, proud, and happy. 5

Great engagement and participation today. 5

Engaging 5

excellent 5

Really pretty music 5

loved remembering act of kindness 5

well done to calm my class 5

Love this ! 5

good 5

great wzay to get ready for SAT 5

very engaged 5

it was relaxing and helpful. 5

the slouching exercise was a favorite 5

mind massage works! 5

it was good to drew 5

genial 5

yes 5

It made us thankful for people in our life. 5

pretty good 5

Students that was awesome! 5

the session was very helpful 5

It was little long, but okay 5

so relaxing 5

it was great and really soothing 5

Great practice! Thank you :0) 5

Impression with this, good you feel ok 5

loved the morning stretch 5

Students were sleepy but most were engaged. 5

They are getting better at this 5

good 5

Love the music 5

i felt that very relaxing 5

relaxed 5

good 5

Ignored distractions. 5

fun 5

Calm 5

good 5

Great one!! 5

great way to start our tuesday 5

good 5

Relaxed 5

Awesome! 5

amazing 5

I like inner explorer because it is very calming 5

students said they liked this and gave thumbs up 5

We liked it 5

Our class gives it two thumbs up! 5

It was very calming. 5

Great, thanks! 5

felt a little weird tightening our muscles 5

mindful minute helps us calm down after p.e. 5

calmer 5

Relaxed 5

All students participated! :) 5

My students really enjoyed this practice. 5

Good 5

calm 5

Excellent for kindergarten