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Frequently asked questions

What is Inner Explorer?

Inner Explorer is the easiest way for teachers to: implement a daily mindfulness practice in the classroom, build strong school-to-home connections, and deliver significant scalable results. The program fosters life skills such as improved focus, compassion, gratitude, and self-regulation as key elements in a student's continuous improvement as well as that of the school community. No previous experience is necessary, simply login and press 'Play' and the practice begins.

What is Tune In and is it included?

Inner Explorer's Tune In feature bridges school to home by giving parents and caregivers a link to the same practice heard in the classroom. Caregivers "opt in" and receive an automated email when the teacher presses play. Families can experience the mindfulness practice at home and use the content as a conversation starter with their child. Tune In is included with every trial and license including Individual, School and Community Licenses.

Can I purchase multiple Community Licenses?

Absolutely! Each school in your district is its own community and should have its own license. If you need to purchase licenses for multiple schools at one time, please email

What is a Community License?

Inner Explorer's Community License includes individual licenses for school staff, families and community stakeholders. It is a bridge, giving your entire community the opportunity to practice mindfulness every day of the year. Create an embedded culture of learning throughout your entire school community by providing students, faculty and families with the tools for stress reduction, enhanced mental health and well-being, awareness, and resilience.

What can we expect with Inner Explorer practices?

The Inner Explorer program is simple for teachers and requires no preparation or previous experience and can be incorporated into any part of the school day. The practices are audio-guided by narrators with diverse ethnic backgrounds and are appropriate for Pre-K thru 12th grade. The Pre-K and Elementary programs are also available in Spanish and have been designated as an "SEL-Related Approach" with CASEL approval.

Can I purchase offline?

If you require payment via invoice or have a financial process that includes W-9s or purchase orders, contact us at To pay by check, simply complete the payment process and click "Request an Invoice" on the registration form.

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