The Inner Explorer Tune In Feature For Families

Bridging School To Home

Inner Explorer’s Tune In feature allows families to listen to the same mindful awareness audio practice playing in their child’s classroom. When caregivers sign up for Tune In, they receive a notification on their smart device each time a teacher presses “Play” – with the option to listen at their leisure throughout the week.
This unmatched shared experience opens the door for meaningful conversations at home.

Tune In Benefits

  • - Directly connects families with classroom activity
  • - All family members who participate benefit from a mindful awareness practice
  • - Families who practice together build stronger relationships and understanding
  • - Parents/caregivers and children share in the social, emotional, and relational benefits
  • - Audio practices help facilitate conversations and deepen the parent/child/caregiver connection
  • - Decreases stress and enhances well-being for the entire family

What Is Tune In?

Tune In is a transformative feature that allows mindful awareness to go beyond the five to ten-minute practice with teachers and students; the audio practices can be shared with students' families. Inner Explorer's Tune In allows parents and caregivers to listen in real-time and participate in the same practice their child is experiencing with their classmates.

Who Can Access the Tune In Feature?

All parents and caregivers who are part of a school or district that has invested in Inner Explorer and whose student belongs to a classroom that is actively practicing mindfulness.

Why Tune In?

Tune In offers families the same benefits of mindful awareness that students are experiencing in the classroom – reduced stress, improved focus, and increased overall well-being. Additionally, practicing together can foster connection and conversation at home. Our model is built on a shared practice so students and adults participate together to benefit the entire school community.

What’s the Simplest Way to Set Up Tune In?

Download the Inner Explorer HOME app to get started. Complete registration by designating your school and district. Click "Tune In" in the lower menu bar and find your teacher's classroom to opt in. Press "Play" when you receive an alert that the teacher practiced with the class or return to the Tune In section of your HOME app to practice at a later time.

How Does Tune In Work?

Once parents are successfully linked - they'll be set up to Tune In. There is nothing more you need to do. Every time a teacher presses ‘Play’ in the classroom, families will receive notifications on their smart device allowing them to listen to the same practice in real time or return to the app later. Tune In recordings expire in the HOME app after 7 days.

Easily Connecting Educators And Families

Tune In was designed to be easy for teachers and still give families a way to connect with their child with what is happening in the classroom. Teachers simply share Tune In registration information with caregivers by sending invites from their Inner Explorer account.

Inner Explorer HOME app for families extends the reach of mindful awareness practice from classroom to home. The HOME app is available in English and Spanish for all age-appropriate programs. In the app, you get access to resources that deliver life-changing wellness benefits for everyone in your family.

Tune In Is FREE For Families Through the HOME App with Your School’s License

The Inner Explorer HOME App is a simple way for families to practice mindful awareness and support health and well-being
in the home.

  • - Reduces Stress: Families have access to 4 age-appropriate programs in English and Spanish
  • - Fosters Connection: Practicing together sparks meaningful conversations
  • - Cultivates Social, Cognitive, and Behavioral Skills: Daily practice builds lifelong skills such as empathy, compassion, and resilience, that are important in the home, classroom and beyond.
  • - Improved Focus & Attention: When students can better focus and pay attention in the classroom their academic performance and well-being improve.
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Inner Explorer is an organization whose mission is to provide mindfulness in schools for PreK-12 classrooms, helping children develop self-awareness, self-control, resilience and compassion. Each series contains 180 audio-guided practices that can be used every day by simply logging in and pressing play. Students and their teachers or families participate in the brief (5-10 minute) daily practices. No prep, planning or previous experience required.

The Inner Explorer program does not require extensive outside training or facilitator. The press “Play" format allows for immediate access to the program as families listen to the guided daily practice alone or together. In addition to Tune In, there are also practices available for each age-appropriate program in our HOME app for listening during school vacation or summer break to maintain continuity throughout the year. This allows families to not only practice together, but also bridges school and home. Most importantly, our programs help students become more compassionate, responsible and productive citizens.

It is said that biology is before behavior, and even before performance. Essentially, the brain and the body are reactive to stress. And when that is happening, thinking, learning, and behavioral health goes out the window. It's a biological fact that when your limbic system or stress systems are triggered, your higher-order thinking called the prefrontal cortex shuts down -- it goes dark.

Mindful awareness is a well-proven countermeasure to stress; it attenuates stress and activates higher-order thinking. So, you can see that in functional MRI studies by both Harvard, University of Miami, MIT, and many others when people practice mindful awareness, their limbic system or their fight-flight system calms down, not just while they’re practicing for 10 minutes, but all the time. And their prefrontal cortex, which is the intelligent part of the brain that enhances learning, gets upregulated or activated.

Inner Explorer is an evidence based program that has been proven to:

  • - Reduce behavior problems by 60%
  • - Improve overall grades by an average of 11%
  • - Enhance performance in reading, math, science and writing scores by 18-28%

Mindful awareness is an ideal countermeasure and is increasingly used in schools. Basically, daily practice calms the fight-flight down, and settles the inner chatter and reactivates the "executive". In fact, the prefrontal cortex, the thinking, learning, creating, collaborating part of the brain becomes bigger, stronger, and more active.

A little know fact, yet incredibly important for children (and for all of us), is that mindful awareness even shortens the time it takes to get back to a balanced state after a triggering event. This is referred to as resiliency. With daily practice, you react less often, come back to neutral faster, and are less likely to do something you’d regret later.

There are now more than 9,000 studies (conducted over 40 years) that prove the efficacy of the world-renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program on which Inner Explorer is formatted.
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