Ashley’s Story

Third grade is a big testing year in OH. It can be very stressful for students, parents and teachers. Throughout the year we use the program every day, twice a day. During testing weeks we make sure that we take time for mindfulness and Inner Explorer. When the students are allowed breaks throughout the test, they want to do Inner Explorer. We might just do a mindful minute or some belly breathing. Our test results have continually showed that our students benefit from being mindful. Three years ago when we started this program 56.5% of our students were below grade level, after Inner Explorer it dropped to just 4.3% of students. We love it.

We've noticed time and time again that with this program, our kids have really learned how to share their emotions with us, and they’re more aware of how they’re feeling. They love the opportunity this program provides them to journal and they love that we do the program right along with them, the deep breathing techniques, mindful minute, relation train, we do it all with them!

Our students are also taking these skills home and using them there as well. Their stress levels are going down and they are developing coping skills to get through some really tough situations for 8 and 9 year olds.

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10 mindful minutes are all you need to help kids focus, reduce behavior issues and give yourself more time to engage and inspire your students.


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