March Moments

Mission Moments

The year of 2020 has been full of challenges – yet also full of hope and awareness. Our team at Inner Explorer is extremely grateful to continue reaching over ten million students this year through our supporters like you.
As we look ahead, we are inspired by how mindfulness has contributed to advancements in social equity, mental health and education. We continue to ask ourselves: How can we lead change? This month, we deemed one starting point as a movement called #MyInnerCompass. Our mission through #MyInnerCompass is to make mindfulness an integral part of education through Inner Explorer programs.
Thank you!

Mission Moments: November 2020

While programs for Pre-K through grade 12 are a primary focus, we also recognize the importance of educators and families getting involved – increasing the benefits of mindfulness for all. This is why we continue to improve and expand our offerings, including the Inner Explorer Home app, which allows families to simply press play and practice mindfulness together. Additionally, our school programs are designed so that educators can practice alongside their students – no extra prep work required.

By teaching the skills of self-awareness, emotional regulation and attention through mindfulness at a young age, these skills are more likely to become part of a child’s identity – shaping their own inner compass. Through the #MyInnerCompass movement, students, educators, families and donors are encouraged to engage their inner compass through mindful words and actions – creating a domino effect as kindness, empathy and gratitude is extended outwards.

As we’ve learned through the pandemic, election and widespread unrest – these social and emotional skills are not simply a “nice to have,” but rather, a necessity to address difficulties and divide with empathy and compassion.

“To continue expanding our work to more students, educators and families, we rely on the support of our community. As Giving Tuesday approaches on December 1, we would greatly appreciate it if you shared this page with family and friends who might also support our mission. Recurring monthly donations contribute directly to improve programs and serve communities in times of need, such as during COVID-19.

We are so grateful for your time, action and generosity towards our work. Together, we create a mindful world.

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