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Mission Moments

Inner Explorer created Mission Moments to keep you updated on the impact your support and generosity has on those we serve. We want to share not only program developments, but also the stories that warm our hearts and fuel our mission to reach ten million mindful children by 2020. A goal we accomplished because of you. Thank you!

Mission Moments: September 2020

The mental and emotional well-being of our youth is in a fragile state because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the deep inequities and systemic racism that afflict our society.

Suicide can affect us all as our team here at Inner Explorer experienced when one of our team members lost her teenage nephew. “In the days that followed my nephew’s death, a grief counselor explained to us that many suicide victims don’t want to die, ​they just want to stop the pain.” ​– ​Mary R., Inner Explorer

With September being Suicide Prevention Month, we wanted to take this opportunity to shine a light on how to provide support to struggling teens during this time. First, practicing mindfulness with Inner Explorer can help. ​In fact, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs are proven to ​lessen depression, suicide ideation, and even suicidal behaviors. Please consider donating to Inner Explorer (link to NFG) as we​ work to address this teen catastrophe by bringing mindfulness to classrooms and homes through our programs. Additionally, you can visit the​ ​National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ ​to determine if (and how) you can help those in crisis.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we will continue working to bring mindfulness to every student, every day.

Mindfully, The Inner Explorer Team

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