January Moments

Mission Moments

Inner Explorer created Mission Moments to keep you updated on the impact your support and generosity has on those we serve. We want to share not only program developments, but also the stories that warm our hearts and fuel our mission to reach ten million mindful children by 2020. A goal we accomplished because of you. Thank you!

Mission Moments: January 2020

There are never enough ways to say how grateful we are for your continued support. Inner Explorer raised over $26,000 during our Season of Giving in December. (A 20% increase from the previous year.)

Last month many of you enjoyed our peace and presence audio guided practice, so we’re happy to provide another practice on gratitude. Please take five minutes for some self-care and enjoy.

On a business note:

  • Sandeep Raj (https://www.linkedin.com/in/saideep-raj-1a11257/) has recently joined Inner Explorer's Board of Directors. He is a Senior Managing Director in Accenture’s Technology organization and is looking forward to sharing his strategic expertise while continuing to develop his personal mindfulness practice.

Last week a Principal at an Inner Explorer school asked a student: “How was your winter break?” The student replied: “I missed my mindfulness.”

We’re changing the world one student at a time. With the endorsement of people like you, we'll work until we reach every student in every classroom..

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