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Mission Moments

Inner Explorer created Mission Moments to keep you updated on the impact your support and generosity has on those we serve. We want to share not only program developments, but also the stories that warm our hearts and fuel our mission to reach ten million mindful children by 2020. A goal we accomplished because of you. Thank you!

Mission Moments: September 2019

Character Day September 27th & 28th

At an Inner Explorer school in Killeen, Texas student academics were improving, but when the kids starting behaving with more compassion on the playground the principal asked: "Is that mindfulness too?" The answer is YES. When we were young, adults told us to do chores and handle difficult situations because it would "build character"; positive strengths and attributes like grit, empathy, gratitude and leadership.

At IE we believe children are born with innate character traits that are fostered and fortified through consistent mindfulness practice. We have been chosen as one of the premier partners for the annual Character Day event (September 27&28), to broaden the opportunity for students to stimulate and nurture character year round. Last year, over 4 million people across 200,000 groups in 125 countries and all 50 states participated. 100% of past participants wanted more ways and resources to engage. This year, Character Day focuses on the relationship between character and technology and when schools inquire about year round tools for character development, they'll be directed to options including Inner Explorer.
Exposure to millions of people through Character Day will allow us to continue to expand the support of donors like you.

Here's a video mission moment from the Henry J Kaiser school in Ravenswood West Virginia. More proof of the importance of Inner Explorer in the daily lives of kids.

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