“As I have gotten to know more about mindfulness, I've come to see clearly why so many experts and health professionals recommend this daily practice. Not only does it contribute to Social, Emotional, Behavioral and Mental Health, it provides useful preventative and in-the-moment strategies for behavior and emotional regulation (for all ages). But the kicker is that mindfulness can boost cognitive development and brain functions! ”

Rachel Robertson
Vice President, Learning and Development, Bright Horizons

What is Mindfulness?

“The practice of being fully aware of your thoughts and feelings in a moment, without judging them or negatively reacting to them. Practicing mindfulness can help students (and educators) manage everyday stress and emotions. It can also help them be more in control of their feelings and actions.”
-Center for Disease Control (CDC)

What is Inner Explorer?

Inner Explorer is an evidence-based platform designed to support mental health and well-being in schools and centers. Our pre-school through high school programs are available in English and Spanish and require no prep work from staff.

28% Higher Grades
In Reading, Math and Science

43% Decrease In
Teacher Stress

60% Decrease In
Behavioral Issues

15% Gain in
Academic Achievement

As Seen on National PTA
As Heard on NPR

Mindfulness as a Key Strategy for Mental Well-being is Growing Momentum.

"Learning about mindfulness in school can increase students' use of positive coping behaviors and reduce anxiety, symptoms of depression, and negative coping behaviors."- Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Coming Soon:

The Bright Moment App

My Bright Moment app is a way for families to practice mindful awareness together. By supporting a daily practice, adults will experience the same executive functioning benefits that their children do - reduced stress, increased ability to focus, improved compassion, and empathy. We hope to grow family engagement and encourage open conversations about mental health at home!

What Parents Can Do Today

"We give this 10 stars and feel really calm." Pre-school
children to a Bright Horizons educator

Begin A Mindfulness Practice