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Inner Explorer is an audio-guided mindfulness program in Education and one of the few in the field that is Formatted on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocol. MBSR is a very specific pathway that has been rigorously researched for nearly 40 years, with over thousands of published scientific studies demonstrating proof of efficacy. Aligned with MBSR, Inner Explorer provides daily mindfulness practice that moves from concrete to more abstract concepts, while building skills of Attention, Self Awareness and Emotional Regulation.

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The results have made Inner Explorer the world leader in the implementation of MBSR formatted daily mindfulness practice in schools, currently reaching more than 1,000,000 students and over 35,000 teachers. The organization has invested in platform technology to uniquely create a virtuous cycle of daily practice by linking teachers and students in the classroom to families and extended families in the community and around the world.

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Expect ease of implementation

Inner Explorer cultivates all the core competencies of SEL, and is the only MBSR sequenced program teaching breathing and relaxation, understanding emotions, gratitude, focus, empathy, self-regulation and more. Four age-appropriate programs for preschool through high school. Youth are experiencing mental health issues at increasingly younger ages, so it is important to teach these skills early.

  • Daily practice yields approximately 30 hours of mental health training per year.
  • No stigma as entire classrooms practices together.
  • No curriculum, prep or planning.
  • Easily scalable.
  • Fosters resilience and a connected school community to enhance support and communication.

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Expect Transformation

With over 6,000 studies on mindfulness showing its efficiency for mitigating anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, PTSD and trauma, a daily practice becomes a potent tool to address the mental health crisis of today's youth. Inner Explorer is a proven, best-in-class, evidence-based daily mindfulness program, known to create transformational results.

"It's no secret that Mental Illness robs students of the ability to reach their full potential, and we are joining forces to combat this disease and give our students the tools they need to thrive. We are going to reinvent School-Based Mental Health Awareness in Florida and we will be the number one state in the nation in terms of Mental Health outreach and school safety - all because of the Governor's and First Lady's remarkable vision." - Commissioner of Education, Richard Corcoran

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