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What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness means paying attention to what’s happening right now with curiosity and kindness and without judgment.
Why Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is popular because it is very effective for reducing stress and for improving focus which helps learning.
One can practice mindfulness any time. However, practicing mindfulness in the morning often sets the tone for a calm and lovely day.
Inner Explorer was designed for Pre K – 12th grade students. However, many adults utilize the program on a daily basis. Practicing as a family magnifies the benefits and creates calm and connection.
Practicing in as quiet a place as possible is always a good idea to minimize distractions.
  • The stressors in our lives are growing. During the Covid pandemic you may access our easy to use mindfulness program to support you and your family.
  • Proven benefits of the program are :
  • REDUCES STRESS. Guided breathing and relaxation exercises are easy to do and replace fight or flight responses with calm.
  • BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Regular practice enhances health.
  • IMPROVES LEARNING. With many students working online and at home, daily use helps kids focus and learn.
  • FOSTERS RESILIENCY. Teaches children tools to deal with challenges and the skills will last a lifetime.
5 Ways to Create Calm from Chaos
With an alarming increase in mental health disorders affecting younger and younger kids, from toxic stress, trauma, anxiety, violence, addiction and suicide, this approach has been scientifically proven to help kids in overcoming stress by developing self-awareness, emotional regulation, wellbeing, resilience and empathy.
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Mindfulness, also known as mindful awareness, is about being fully aware in the present moment and not getting carried away by our thoughts and emotions. Daily mindfulness practice with #INNEREXPLORER @HOME helps families reduce stress and create a positive change in their world.

Daily Guided Mindfulness Practices

90 separate daily practices at each of four levels; preschool, elementary, middle and high school based on MBSR protocol.

Transition Practices

1-3 minute mindfulness practices to use any time during the day

Sound Practices

Shorter practices with sounds from around the world for mindful listening

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    What is Mindfulness?

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    Why is daily practice so important?

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    Does my child have to close their eyes?

    The instruction to close your eyes is given as it helps to reduce distractions and turn attention inward. However, for some children, closing their eyes creates too much discomfort. You can invite children to look down at their hands in their lap so that their eyes gaze downward. We recommend that children choose what is most comfortable for them.

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    How is Mindfulness relevant in education?

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    Is there research evidence to support the benefits of mindfulness?

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    With these outcomes, why isn't every school offering mindfulness training?

    Beyond the evidence that exists to support mindfulness in schools, educators and administrators have to evaluate cost, ease of implementation and how the program can be sustained after the initial launch and training phase. The Inner ExplorerTM daily mindfulness programs are now being used in more than 4,400 classrooms because they effectively address these concerns. When schools make the minor investment in Inner ExplorerTM, they realize a significant return.

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