Embrace Mindfulness

Nervous? We're here to help

Introducing mindfulness to a new classroom can seem overwhelming. Inner Explorer’s ‘Just Press Play’ program design makes it easy to get started without prior experience.


Your Account Toolkit has resources to help you get started.

Get Started Checklist:
Basic “To Do” list covering all the bases.

Overcoming Resistance:
Experiencing challenges? Review our recommendations.

Tune In:
Bridge school to home by referencing the What is Tune In? document. Consider sending home the Tune In Letter to Parents about Inner Explorer and invite them to join.

Recommend Best Practices:
Tips to keep on hand for easy reference.

Introduction to Inner Explorer Video:
Watch a five-minute video about mindfulness and Inner Explorer. (available in English and Spanish)


Introducing mindfulness appropriately can help ensure a successful implementation. Consider mindful moments throughout the day with shorter Transition and Sound practices. Inner Explorer’s Pre-Launch for middle and high school students can also help set expectations.

If you have any questions
about the program, contact us at