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Best suited for a large scale implementation across the school and provides the community with the opportunity to practice daily mindfulness at home with the @Home family mobile app.

Best suited for a large scale implementation across the school and provides the community with the opportunity to practice daily mindfulness at home with the @Home family mobile app.


Inner Explorer program is a series of daily 5-10 minute audio-guided mindfulness practices. The program focuses on key areas of development, bringing mindfulness to education and helping students prepare for learning. Daily practice teaches kids the practical techniques to appropriately handle difficult emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger and more. Inner Explorer offers programs for all age-groups (PreK-12) that help students with the following themes:

  • Discovering Breathing and Relaxation Exercises
  • Learning Awareness of Senses
  • Using Thought and Emotional Regulation
  • Developing Compassion and Connection
  • Promoting Social Emotional Learning


Decrease Stress

Daily mindfulness practice has been proven to reduce cortisol levels, which are the body’s stress hormones.

Improve Learning

Students have an improved ability to focus on lesson plans while they enjoy the benefits of mindfulness, such as reduced stress and practical coping skills.

Boost Resilience

Mindfulness improves emotion regulation and expedites the ability to overcome difficulties to reach a state of calm faster.



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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Protocol

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Inner Explorer helps promote well-being and mental wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Inner Explorer?

    Inner Explorer TM is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide mindfulness in schools for PreK-12 classrooms, helping children develop self-awareness, self-control, resilience and compassion. Each series contains 180 audio-guided practices that can be used every day by simply logging in and pressing play. Students and their teachers participate together in the brief (5-10 minute) daily practices. No prep, planning or curriculum changes required.

  • We’ve created our mindfulness in school programs the latest scientific research in cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychology. We’ve also fine-tuned the approach over the past five years with direct feedback and guidance from thousands of teachers, administrators and students. Our programs address the major challenges many school systems face, including academic performance, graduation rates, discipline problems, school climate and bullying. Additionally, our programs are simple to implement and cost effective, so they can be rolled out quickly to deliver significant improvements in student achievement. The Inner Explorer program does not require extensive outside training or facilitator. The “Press Play” format allows for immediate access to the program as teachers and students listen to the guided daily practice together. We offer a parent/caretaker “Tune In” so they can listen to the same program as their children each day. This allows families to not only practice together, but also bridges home and school. Most importantly, our programs help children become more compassionate, responsible and productive citizens.

  • Best suited for large scale implementation, the Community option provides the opportunity to practice daily mindfulness in the classroom, across single schools or the entire district, and with parents via the @Home family mobile app. learn more

  • Click here   to find some mindfulness practices for each age group.

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